Willow Glen Farm, home of Mike and Amanda Hartrich, began in 2011 with 4 Shetland sheep and two llamas.

Here is our current flock (Summer 2012):

Knox, fawn Katmulget, our top ram. He's the father to all of this year's lambs.


Sparkles, gray Smirslet, our oldest ewe that reliably twins every year.


Sparkles' 2012 ram lamb: Johnny. I think he is such a gorgeous ram! Though not exactly what I wanted in fleece style, he's my favorite ram of the bunch.

Sparkles' 2012 ewe lamb: June. I love June; she's like having a dog. It's hard to take pictures of her because she always runs to me for scratching. She'll even wag her tail!

Peridot, gray Katmoget, is our ewe with my favorite fleece. And she had twins this year--good girl!

Peridot's 2012 twin ram lamb: Waylon. He's a gray Katmolget just like his mom, with great horns and a really nice fleece. He carries spots.

Peridot's 2012 twin ram lamb: Willie. He's a fawn Katmulget just like his dad, but is half-polled. He has an amazingly fine fleece. Definitely the best fleece out of all the lambs this year.

Emerald, a gray Katmulget, is our ewe with an amazingly silky fleece. It's battling hard with Peridot's to be my favorite. Emerald is Ag which means she's faded to a very light white. Just makes dyeing easier! She lambed for the first time this year with a nice little ewe. As a side-note: she's Sparkles' daughter!



Emerald's 2012 ewe lamb: Emmylou. She's got everything I could want: great body, fun markings, beautiful fleece. I'm really excited to see what she can produce for us.

Starr, our lead llama. She's got a great quirky personality and bosses everyone around. Not a fiber llama exactly, but she's a great guarder!

Confetti, aka Eeyor. She's got beautiful fiber, but she whines all the time. 

Confetti's 2012 cria: Willow Glen's Dancing Kiss! Isn't she beautiful? She's a half-sister to Starr, and has a comfortable, curious personality. And her fiber is fantastic!


As of August 22, 2012, we have Angora goats! They are as-yet unnamed, but I'll update once they are. Both are wethers (castrated boys) and have awesome fleece!