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I'm a Shepherdess!

This day has been three years in the making! From planning to moving, from saving to building, we've put a lot of thought, time, hard work and patience into finally having sheep of our own.

And now they're here! Sparkles, Peridot, Emerald and Knox all arrived safe and sound via . . . that's right . . . minivan (why does anyone buy a trailer?!).


Here I am working with Sparkles to get her out of the dog crate and into the pasture.



And here's Knox (our ram lamb) and me on our way to the pasture.


Starr was beside herself with excitement at the arrival of the sheep. The sheep were not so impressed with her. In fact, they were pretty much terrified.


But soon, everyone figured out how to get along.


Here are some gratuitous sheep and llama pictures. We still have some construction going on for the expansion of the barn. Before we go on vacation, the animals will have a roof with tarp sides. By the end of August, they'll have a shiny new barn to be safe and secure in.



I'm a Llama Farmer!

Can you even believe it?!! I went to The Critter Ranch today, picked up Starr and Confetti, brought them home, and became a farmer! I'm still all giddy.

Since pictures are much more fun--here ya go!

Confetti is the tan and white one and Starr is the darker brown and white one. They know something is up!

How do you transport two llamas to your new farm 45 minutes away? In a minivan.

We walked them around their new pen and the kids got in the pasture to check out the girls.

They did just fine and settled right in. Both of them are happily munching grass and Starr even took a roll in the hay.

Kat wanted to show the "mamas" her kitty toy.

Brendan plans to work with Starr on pack training, and Morgan and Matt just want to hug them. I don't blame the kids--they're pretty adorable creatures.

Both girls are pregnant, and we'll be keeping Confetti's baby when it arrives next Spring, but Starr's little one will go back to Sue at The Critter Ranch once it's weened.

And we haven't forgotten about sheep--they're coming on Saturday!!