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Busy Day on the Farm

We had EmmyLou lamb this morning and then this afternoon, Rose decided to join in the fun.

I settled into the barn to watch her progress, and June couldn't get enough attention.

She even started critiquing my work.

When Rose started pushing, all I could see were hooves, but no nose. And labor wasn't progressing at all. For the first time ever, I had to help! The lamb's nose was being pushed up instead of pointing between the hooves, so I had to use a finger to hold the nose down in position while I grabbed hooves with the other hand to pull. It took some work, but Rose and I got her out with no problems. She's a beautiful, dark gray katmoget. My fingers are crossed that she doesn't lighten too much.

I was also able to get some nice photos of EmmyLou's ram for a birth announcement collage.

I thought at first he was gray, but once in the light, he's definitely a brown-based little guy, so we'll call it fawn.

And the clowns of the barn couldn't be ignored. June is so patient with her "neice and nephew."


Lamb Update 4.2.13

Emeralds' twin ewes, Lily and Violet:


Violet--not the best photo, but she's rather squirly.

Sparkles' rams, Hickory and Ash:

Hickory popping around the barn. He wouldn't stand still!Ash, on the other hand, enjoyed posing.Peridot's girls, Rose and Buttercup:

Rose--I love how deep her color is. Hope it doesn't fade too much in the sun.Buttercup--love her fleece; check out the crimp!And Peridot's little ram, Rowan, who's hanging in the house with us:

He really has the exact fleece I've been wanting in a ram: dark brown and tiny curls. However, he's just too small and scrawny. He's doing OK, but I'm a little worried about his high respiratory rate and he seems weak today. We're doing what we can, and keeping our fingers crossed!


Everyone still looks rather wobbly--photos in a week will show strong, stout little lambs!!


Getting Big

Our llama, Confetti, was due to have her cria on May 1, 2012. It is now May 21, 2012. She's a bit over-due, and getting pretty big! 

However, for having been pregnant for over a year now, she seems to be taking it well. 

Everyone else is getting big as well. Here are some fun lamb shots to make you smile!

Waylon--by far our best ram. He may replace Knox in our program.Willie--twin to Waylon, and also really hard to photograph! Emmylou is in the background.Emmylou--she is simply stunning. I'm so excited about her structure and her fleece. My fingers are crossed that she doesn't fade too much.

Johnny--he's got the absolute wrong type of fleece except that he's black. Jet black! He's staying with us, but as a wethered pet.

And, of course there's Princess June! Can you tell who's the darling of the barnyard?

June.June and meKat and JuneGlutton for scratches



My newest friend, Hannah, came over yesterday to help with fiber work and shovel out the critter pen. She thinks it's fun work! Good friend to have, right?!

Another of the many benefits to having Hannah around is that she's always taking pictures.

Check out this close up she got of Knox.