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So Ugly, They're Cute

We have a Wisteria vine that has taken over a corner of our porch.

Happily, this year it's blooming again. Last year, the winter wasn't strong enough for it and we didn't get any flowers. It usually blooms twice a year, so I'm hopeful that we're back on track.

Besides giving us shade and wonderful fragrance, it provides a great nesting place for robins.

This is when we discovered them on Friday (May 17, 2013)

We counted four ugly little babies in there!

And here they are this morning (Monday, May 20, 2013): 

We're trying to follow their growth, but I've already had to shoo Garfield off the porch once, so I'm not sure if they'll be able to survive in such an easily-accessible nest. Fingers crossed!


EmmyLou finishes up Lambing for 2013

We had a sweet little moorit ram lamb born last Thursday (May 2). We've named him Wyeth which means, "from Land by the Willow." I had been watching EL all day, but a friend and her girls stopped by and we all got distracted with frogs in the pond. They left and about an hour later, I looked outside and saw a dark spot next to EmmyLou. Since Rose was the only other dark lamb, I knew she's lambed! When I got out there, he had been walking for a while and was all cleaned off and dry. I missed the whole thing! I'm sure it's the first of many lambings that I'll miss.

Here he is when I got to him.

Kat helped me get a better look the next day.

I think he is quite handsome. Of course, it may be because he's my favorite color! 


June is a Mommy!

I'm so proud of little June becoming a mom! She had a beautiful little ram and she's a natural at motherhood. He looks just like June and Ash (who is June's half brother, and also has the same father as June's lamb). Keeping with the tree theme, he's being called Aspen.



With his underlying spot patterns, I'm pretty sure he's a gray Katmulget, but with a HUGE spot over it all. Shetland genetics are amazing!


Lamb Update 4.2.13

Emeralds' twin ewes, Lily and Violet:


Violet--not the best photo, but she's rather squirly.

Sparkles' rams, Hickory and Ash:

Hickory popping around the barn. He wouldn't stand still!Ash, on the other hand, enjoyed posing.Peridot's girls, Rose and Buttercup:

Rose--I love how deep her color is. Hope it doesn't fade too much in the sun.Buttercup--love her fleece; check out the crimp!And Peridot's little ram, Rowan, who's hanging in the house with us:

He really has the exact fleece I've been wanting in a ram: dark brown and tiny curls. However, he's just too small and scrawny. He's doing OK, but I'm a little worried about his high respiratory rate and he seems weak today. We're doing what we can, and keeping our fingers crossed!


Everyone still looks rather wobbly--photos in a week will show strong, stout little lambs!!


Easter Surprise!

At about 5:30 this morning, Peridot had triplets!

When the girls woke us up because the Easter Bunny had been here (!), it was about 6:30 and I checked the lamb cam. I had looked at 4:30 and saw nothing, but now there were two little ears peaking up from the straw.

I headed out and there was all sorts of commotion in the barn; babies crying everywhere. Two were by Peridot and she was turning in circles trying to get to both of them, but also looking over across the barn in between. She was much more anxious than Peridot usual; Peridot is usually pretty calm. I looked over and there was a little black lamb curled up by itself.

He was really, really cold, so I just scooped him up and took him in the house. He had no swallowing reflex, so we put him in a warming box. As of right now (9am), he's starting to stand up and move around. I'm just hoping Peridot will take him back.

Here he is when he first came in the house (oh, what I thought was black was actually dark brown!)

The other two lambs are ewes!!! One is jet black and the other is another nice gray Katmulget. All three have really nice fleeces.


These two are doing really well, and I think Peridot keeps looking for number three. Fingers are crossed that she takes him back!

Happy Easter everyone!!!