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Photo Session

I've been working on my pictures and getting lighting just right--not as easy as it sounds. I think my next step will be to bring in flood lights!

But here's a sample from my latest photo session -- what do you think about using Romney locks (the white wavy wool) as a semi-prop?

"Serendipity" Blue Faced Leicester Batt



As I've been getting Inspiration Fibers up and running again, and working on this blog, I realized the only thing missing from an on-line store is getting to meet people. I love meeting people. So I'm going to take a minute and introduce you to my people. Mike and I decided to not use our kids' real names, and I allowed them to pick their own. So without further ado:

This is Josh, my 15-year-old High Schooler who loves guitar, snowboarding and skateboarding. He chose the name Josh because that's what I called him for the first two days of his life until I decided he looked more like a . . .

This is Seth and Kitty. Seth is 12 and loves to skateboard, snowboard, skim boarding (do you see a pattern?) and read (but don't tell his friends about the reading). He chose his name because it's been his favorite name since he was very young. In fact, Seth the hamster lived with us for two years. Kitty is 9 months old and loves crawling, blowing raspberries and screeching (don't know where she got that from, and don't know how to stop it). Her name comes from when we told the kids we were having another baby, and Josh's reply was "why can't we just get another cat? They don't cost as much and don't cry."

And this is Hannah (wonder where that name came from? Thanks Disney). She's 5 and has been swimming like a fish this summer in our pond. She also loves to read and considers herself a professional artist. She's my crafting buddy, and you'll see her a lot in tutorials.

I'm Amanda and my wonderful husband is Mike. Follow along with my blog and you'll get to watch my business come to life and our farm dream become a reality.


Awww Ducks . . .

If you’ve ever taken your mother, or any mother for that matter, for granted, try herding ducks. We have a little flock of 10 motherless ducks that don’t know how to be ducks, and it’s really made me appreciate moms everywhere. This morning my mom-in-law and I spent close to an hour trying to get the ducks to go in the pond. I’m not sure if we’re cut-out to be surrogate duck moms.

Beautiful pond . . . 

No ducks.

We were two grown women with sticks playing border collie to these 10 confused birds. Once we got them to the pond, they couldn’t figure out what to do with the water. It was like they were afraid to get their feet wet! Stupid ducks.
We left them at the water’s edge splashing in the shallows. I ran inside to get my camera for a few glamour shots, and this is what I found when I came back:

A chicken leading the ducks.

Away from the pond. . .

Back to the pine trees.

I turned my back for 10 minutes and anarchy ensued!
It just confirms the necessity for my vigilance over my own children. You never know what chickens lurk at the edges of ponds ready to lure your kids into theft, drugs and alcohol!

My ducks need a mommy duck to teach them how to be ducks. We all need a mom to teach us right from wrong, how to be good people and keep us out of trouble, and my poor ducks have no one. They’ve gone astray and now are afraid of water and allow a chicken to lead them. What is this world coming to?

Thank you mom for showing me how great the pond is and keeping the chickens away.

Tomorrow we’ll try again. . .

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