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Frozen . . . but thawing

Have you ever faced a project so big or intimidating that you didn't know how to get started? I experience this with rooms that need cleaning, basements that need organizing and laundry piles that need tackling, which makes sense to me because those are things I don't even like to do.

However, I've noticed recently that I'm hesitating over knitting and spinning projects. It took me a year to try weaving for goodness sake! These are things I love, what I'm passionate about, what a large percent of my time is dedicated to! And when I think of starting certain things, I freeze. So what gives?

I've rolled this around in my head for a while, and I think this is just one of those times where getting older and wiser isn't always better. The more I knit and spin, the more I know and expect from myself, and therefore, the more I can fall short. 

So today the snow is blowing sideways, the wind is bitter cold and winter is out in full force: perfect day for me to break free of my own personal hibernation and overcome the fear! 

I took a deep breath and started a big spinning project today. It's a doozie, and if I'm really honest with myself, pretty worthy of my fear. I'm spinning a pound of roving into fingering-weight, 2-ply that will be used by a knitting designer to create a project for a new spinning magazine. Yikes.

I've been starring at the wool for a few weeks terrified of starting. But look . . . I finally did it!

2.8 oz. down; 13.2 oz. to go. No stopping now!



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Reader Comments (1)

Wow, must be the day for intimidated spinners to go for it in Wales! Although my delaying was because as I beginner I'm not very confidant. Look forward to the day when I am able to spin fingerling weigt! Today I finally got up the nerve to ply the green yarn, which was the first roving I bought from you, and started spinning on my new wheel last May. Thanks to your spinning lessons, and plying instructions now I have a bobbin full, ready to use for a future project.

The fingering weight is so thin, I'm amazed it doesnt just snap, looks really pretty, glad you made a start, and now you'll get really into it. Congratulations on being requested to work on this project. You should be very proud!

See you at the Ravelry class at The Roycroft on Friday. Can we have some sheep pics soon pls, maybe last years lambs coming up to 1 year old, before the next batch are born.


February 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEnglish Sheep Gal

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